Shelf Shelf is a Chicago-based publishing imprint and collaborative design practice founded by Lucas Reif and Austin White.


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ss-004: A Book that is a Bag November 2018

$20.00 USD Sold out

Printed with Low Bleed Plastisol Ink in Opaque Glacier White on Enviro-Tote™ Gray Shoulder Tote Bag, 18 x 15 inches, first edition of 50 copies

A book that is a bag. A book that never stops being printed. A book that we pay you to buy. A book that expires after 30 days. A book that can’t be opened. A book that is clearly stolen. A book with no fixed dimensions. A book that needs to be watered. A book that is a little bit wet. A book that is compressed to 1 byte. A book that is password-protected. A book that can be used as currency. A book that is a shelf. A book that gives birth to other books. A book that redistributes capital. A book that must be binge-read. A book that we trimmed wrong and heavily discounted. A book that is an instrument. A book that can be worn. A book that sleeps around. A book that is                              .